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The adrenaline fuelled sensation from the moment you step through the gates of a world famous race track. Attending the driver’s briefing, going through the rules as the chief marshal explains the flags and track procedures. This is real! I am here! Suiting up, helmet on, strapping yourself in the car, hands shaking, nervous anticipation, start your engines, FOCUS. All thoughts drift away. No room for error, only one thing matters and nothing else. Drive.

Experience an indescribable feeling of emotions and adrenaline as you feel the car at full throttle, at its maximum power. An exhilarating experience where there is always something new to learn. There are no perfect laps. Always room for improvement. Join other driving enthusiasts, in search for the same feelings, pushing to the limit in a controlled and safe environment. Extract pure adrenaline and joy as the car slips away, yet you are 100% in control.

Join us at the Circuit de Catalunya

Limited seats available. Registration for Members only. Acceptance subject to pre-requesites.

NM Racing Team

Our partnership with Nil Montserrat and his racing team goes back to a friendship that started over 10 years ago, building on our success of hard work, commitment, vision, and performance. Nil has massive experience operating NM Racing a very successful racing team, from Karting to professional professional racing drivers in European GT4 Touring Car Championships, and winning races in every class they enter.


At Iconicars Racing you are joining an exclusive group of highly experienced amateur drivers. To be accepted into the club, drivers must go through an interview process conducted by a team of professional racing drivers and instructors. A few of the factors that are considered, but not limited to are experience, skills, potential, maturity, and knowledge.

We have low tolerance for mistakes or accidents. We understand accidents happen, however each case will be debriefed by the chief instructor and assessed accordingly. Recurring mistakes and accidents may lead to membership withdrawal. We do not teach driving lessons. We are here to facilitate a healthy competitive driving experience, among Motorsport enthusiasts who want to improve their skills and potentially become involved in racing.

We strive to offer a competitive driving experience, of extraordinary value for money. With our network and expertise we support you to drive the world’s greatest racetracks behind the wheel of iconic race cars.

A comfortable environment with healthy competition is what we aim to provide between a closed group of Motorsport enthusiasts. We arrange to bypass the rules and restrictions of your average track day, open up your potential and develop your skills by pushing you safely beyond your driving limits.